3 Best Places to propose in Nashville

February 16, 2020

This is it.

You have the ring (or it’s on its way, God willing) and you’re ready.

Now we just need to pick the place that will be part of your memories forever, that fateful day you both agreed to spend the rest of your lives together.

We specialize in proposal photography so we have a few locations we use frequently that we’ve found to work the best.

Here are our 3 Best Places to Propose in Nashville:

Nashville Proposal on the Pedestrian Bridge

1. The Pedestrian Bridge

The John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge is a very popular spot for proposals. We love it, ourselves, because you can very casually suggest going to the bridge for some photos before going to dinner or before going out for the evening. It has a gorgeous view of the skyline and provides a semi-quiet moment to yourselves there, looking out over the river.
Click here for a map.

(Pro tip: avoid this location on Titan game days, unless you both are super fans. It gets nuts on the bridge)

Engagement Photography

2. Arrington Vineyards

It’s beautiful, year-round. We have our own secret spots to use during the winter when the vines are dormant that makes for a private, beautiful proposal. Then of course, during the summer, the vines are green and gorgeous. And the best part is, you can celebrate your new engagement with a bottle of champagne right after!
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Proposal Photography at Opryland Resort

3. Gaylord Opryland Resort

This space is beautiful. It’s like a massive greenhouse, complete with waterfalls. And restaurants! Which make for convenient reasons to be there. Book a reservation at a restaurant, meander through the beautiful atriums for a bit, then propose right in front of the falls. It’s perfect!
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There are so many other great locations. We have a few recommendations for how to pick where you propose… Those are coming in another blog post.

For now, let us know if you need any photos for your proposal! We specialize in capturing that special moment and would love to help you plan yours. Book a call with us to talk more.